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On this page, and the pages that follow are some of the most amazing people I know.


They are Supermen & Superwomen.


They get up every day to help others.


They travel, speak and work hard to make sure their clients, are successful.


It is my priveledge to be able to share their stories and help them build powerful businesses.


How about you? 


Do you know how powerful your story is?


Are you ready to really start connecting and converting more clients with ease?


Drop me a line. Let's connect. You tell me your story and I'll help you bring your Super Power to the world.

Clinical & Support Options, Northampton, MA
Jillyanna's Wood Fired Cooking School 
Arundel, Maine

New York, NY


Mary Jo Cranmore

Video Producer//Visibility Creator

Media, PR, Video Storytelling

Consulting & Execution


I thought you might want to hear what clients are saying about working with us. We have a great time, we listen, we tell stories and by sharing their powerful stories on video (essentially cloning them) these videos provide some of the heaviest lifting in their sales cycles. Your prospect can sample a little of who you are - and that's pretty close to knowing you....and hiring you. 

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Web Video

Looking to stand out on-line? No better way than using video. Your clients and prospects can learn (and benefit) from your knowledge as you share. In 2016, there is no more powerful way to drive new clients than to help them in the before they ever shake your hand. 

By far, the best way to tell your story? Let someone else sing your praises. This takes care of the awkwardness of you saying "hey! I'm awesome! Really!" (That doesn't work anyway, trust me). 


Check out a few of these testimonials we help our clients capture so telling their story is as powerful and effecive as possible.

Yes, we do TV, too. In fact, that's where we started. Wtih NBC News, Dateline NBC, ABC/NBC affiliates and Good Morning, America, TV shows are in our blood. Here's just a sample of what we've been able to accomplish on the small screen for our clients. 


The coolest part of storytelling? As these three pros (one is a financial advisor, one runs an higher ed search firm and the other is selling a mobile marketing service) you can easily make your service business much more visual and connect with clients easier if you use video. Click below and ask me how this works. 

Testimonial Video

"Pioneer Magazine"
Producer, MJCranmore
(WGGB, Springfield, MA)
Clinical & Support Options
Northampton, MA
Charlie Epstein
Epstein Financial Services
Holyoke, MA
The Misura Group, Hudson, WI
Vizconnect Springfield. MA
TechSpring, Springfield, MA
MassLive, Springfield, MA
Your voice is your power.